Q: How much does it cost to have a custom shoe made?

A: Custom prices START at $200 and can usually range anywhere between $200 and $600 depending on the design being done and the cost of the shoes (customer can send their own shoes as well).  Please have an idea/description of the theme you would like done when contacting in order to receive a price quote.  All custom commissions must be paid for in full up front & partial payment plans are not accepted.

Q: Do you supply the shoes or do I have to send my own pair?

A: Orders can be done either way.  As far as the customs available on the website, shoes are supplied for all customs on the website unless noted otherwise.  If the customer would like to send their own shoes for a custom, shoes must be either deadstock (which means brand new) or close to new condition.  Lightly worn shoes are acceptable but damaged/beat shoes will not be customized (emailing pics of the shoes you want to send for customization is accepted).  If sending your own shoes, leather based shoes are preferred (real leather, synthetic leather, vegan leather, and patent leather are all acceptable).  Canvas is also acceptable as well.  No suede or nubuck shoes please.

Q: How long is the order process?

A: Normally the custom turnaround time is two weeks.  However, at times the current order workload may also play a factor in order time.  If custom will take longer than the standard two weeks, the customer will be notified ahead of time.  In certain instances, rush orders may be accepted but there is an additional fee for rush orders (fee would depend on work required and timeframe the custom is needed by).

Q: Are your shoes authentic?

A: All customs are made using 100% authentic shoes, no fakes/variants or b-grades. Due to the nature of the product, which is specially hand crafted for each customer, all sales are final.

Q: Are the customs wearable?  How do I take care of them?

A: All customs are made to be 100% wearable and are sealed with a protective coating when finished, however, keep in mind that they are pieces of art and should be treated as such.  Customs can still scuff just like any normal shoe but overall are permanent and waterproof as well.  Customs are waterproof and can be cleaned with soap and water but do not apply chemicals such as alcohol, etc. to shoes.

Q: Can I request a custom that's not on the website?  Can I send you pics of the idea I want?

A: If you would like to request a custom commission that is not on the website, keep in mind that Ecentrik Artistry focuses on creating original works and concepts.  You may send pics of your idea if you would like but requests to do copies of another customizer's work will not be accepted (in some situations, a variation of existing work may be able to be done).  You may fill out the contact form with your custom request for consultation (payments for custom work are to be paid in full up front, partial payment options are not available).  When price is agreed on, you will be sent an invoice/payment request, which must be paid within 24 hours of receipt or the order will be cancelled.

Questions/Serious inquires can be sent via the contact page.