• Image of $100 Custom Special (Currently 4 Spots Available)
  • Image of $100 Custom Special (Currently 4 Spots Available)
  • Image of $100 Custom Special (Currently 4 Spots Available)


Send your shoes, boots, purses, handbags, high heels, etc. to get the custom Ecentrik treatment! This is a good option for those interested in a custom item but have no specific theme or idea (pictured are a few past customer examples).

To place your order, email ecentrik@yahoo.com for more information.


1. This option does not customs with logos, characters, or more complex type of artwork (those options would be under the standard shoe price ranges).

2. Shoes must be in one of the following conditions:

*Deadstock (brand new)
*Very Near Deadstock (close to new - worn once or twice)
*Near Deadstock (worn multiple times but still in good/fair shape)

No beat/damaged shoes (potential client may be asked to email photos of items ahead of time). Leather based shoes are preferred but canvas shoes are acceptable as well (no Foamposites).

3. Clients can choose the colors they would like for the custom if desired or leave it to the artist to choose if they have no particular preference. Custom can either be a design with some light pattern work or just basic colors with no artwork. Again, this option does not include work with characters, logos, or any complex art.


Each shoe is hand painted and made to order. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks production time before delivery. All sales final.